Mediation for family businesses

Do you or your family own and run a business?
Then you know that those involved usually have several roles simultaneously – as a family member, company manager or owner. On the one hand, this is the core strength of a family business.

On the other hand, the almost unavoidable mixing of roles and resulting conflicts of interest create an increased susceptibility to conflict and high demands on all those involved.

The connection between family and company results in a unique dynamic that is particularly affected by – and evident in – complex decision-making processes and conflict situations.

My offer
During the mediation process, I grasp this dynamic and uncover the different logics and paradoxes as well as the positions and desires of those affected. Only through understanding the feelings and unique perspectives of all those involved can we find meaningful and sustainable solutions to the issues at hand.
Your benefits
My many years of experience as a self-employed auditor and entrepreneur have given me valuable insights into the realm of "family business". In addition, a well-equipped toolbox helps me to be able to react flexibly in different situations. All in all, excellent prerequisites to assist you in gaining clarity and making the best possible, future-oriented decisions for your family and company.
Typical situations
Shareholder conflicts, management conflicts, conflicts among siblings

Creating a family charter

Revision of partnership agreement

Estate planning

Emergency preparedness and other conflict prevention measures

Clarification of role conflicts and conflicting interests, from discrepancies between the frameworks of "family "and "company"

Family conferences or family talks

Company succession
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