About me

Michael Groß
born 1965 in Freiburg im Breisgau

four siblings

married, two adult children

residing in Munich

Professional training and additional qualifications
Degree in Economics (1991), Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg

Appointment as Auditor (1998)

Mediation training with Drs. Gisela und Hans-Georg Mähler (Eidos e.V., 2014)

Additional training in Cooperative Practice, a method similar to mediation (2017)

Certified Mediator (since 2018)

Executor (AGT, since 2018); certified according to the guidelines of the AGT e.V., Bonn

My path

For more than 25 years, my professional focus has been on economic, tax, and legal issues. Meanwhile, it is important to me to look at things from an emotional viewpoint – aside from the factual – since it is often deadlock behavioural patterns, entangled relationships, and unresolved conflicts or systemic inconsistencies that make it difficult to resolve factual issues.

Today I am interested in people from a holistic viewpoint – level-headed, with heart, mind and feelings. That's why I became a mediator: In a mediation, not only the issue to be resolved has relevance, but also the "person as a whole ".

My conviction

I full heartedly believe, a sense for what is most important to a person increases with age. They become more and more aware that their lifetime and creative power are limited. This becomes more apparent when it comes to your estate – inheritance or succession. As a rule, people don't wish to leave their family in a quarrel or cause one through their estate. Instead, they want to pass on something that has been meaningful to them throughout their life.

My motto

"Do what you wish you had done when your time here is over" – I'm driven by this motto. I have great respect for the path that older people have taken, all of their life experiences and achievements. That is what motivates me to support them when it comes to passing some of that experience and achievement to their offspring, and facilitating an understanding between generations. So, I get to the bottom of things. I'm interested in the "big picture": who and what is related to each other, and what dependencies result from this.

I also enjoy working in interdisciplinary teams. I am happy to call upon external expertise from a broad network when I hit a roadblock.

My goal

What do I wish for? To do what fits me, my personality, and my own development: supporting and accompanying people and their families on the challenging path through change and new beginnings.
Work experience
1991–2002 (employed): Audit and preparation of individual and consolidated financial statements, and special topics (e.g. due diligence reviews, business valuation)

Most recently as Audit Manager and Authorised Signatory for Haarmann, Hemmelrath & Partner GmbH Lawyers, Auditors, Tax Accountants (working in London for five months)

Head of Accounting for HOT Networks AG, the former holding company of an international group for home shopping, travel shopping, and interactive entertainment via television and internet

Since 2002 (self-employed):
Mainly in corporate taxes, accounting, preparation of individual and consolidated financial statements, interim management, and special issues (e.g. liquidations)

Since 2017
Portfolio expanded to include mediation and inheritance issues

Corporate clients – a selection
Home Shopping Europe – Group

IAC/InterActiveCorp – Group

ResMed – Group

Beta Film GmbH

Deloitte GmbH – Auditing company

Graf Kanitz, Schüppen & Partner – Lawyers, Auditors, and Tax Consultants
Trainings – a selection
In the areas of accounting, taxes, and law

In the field of mediation
Mediation competencies for companies and organisations

Mediation and leadership

Basics of family law

Advanced training in psychodynamically sound mediation and cooperative practice

In the area of executorship:
AGT Workshop: Practical problems in the execution of wills

German Executor Day

AGT special conference: "The Disability Testament."

Contingency planning for entrepreneurs

Volunteer Engagement
Church administration of a Catholic parish

Food distribution at the Münchner Tafel e.V./Caritas
Chamber of Auditors

Institute of Public Accountants in Germany (Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer in Deutschland e.V.)

Federal Association MEDIATION (Bundesverband MEDIATION e.V.)

Mediation Committee in the Evang.-Luth. Church of Bavaria (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mediation in der Evang.-Luth. Kirche Bayerns)

Association of the German Foundation of Meditation (Förderverein der Deutschen Stiftung Mediation e.V.)

Center for Mediation

Working Group on Will Execution and Wealth Management (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Testamentsvollstreckung und Vermögenssorge e.V. (AGT))

Listed in mediator pool of the IHK for Munich and Upper Bavaria
I look forward to your call or e-mail
phone: +49 (0)173 945 15 19