Mediation for clarity, peace and better quality of life

Conflicts are a part of life. Mediation helps to clarify or resolve stressful conflicts – or to avoid them altogether. Sometimes, you require the support of a third party from outside the situation.

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Mediation has many areas of application. I specialise in the following:

Mediation for family businesses and entrepreneurial families

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Mediation in company succession

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Inheritance mediation

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In addition, I offer the following services:

Administration of the estate through mediation

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Execution of wills through mediation

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I also offer presentations on these topics.

Harmony will make small things grow.

Lack of it makes big things decay.
Gaius Sallustius Crispus


The process
Conflicts signal a need for change and open up development opportunities. However, conflicts become a problem when they cause emotional stress or destructive behaviour, or when they escalate or ultimately become destructive. Then you not only have conflict – the conflict has you!

As an independent and neutral mediator, I will help you improve communication in a mediation process or get it going again, broaden your perspective, and build mutual compassion and understanding. This is to help you help yourself, so that you can find practical and sustainable solutions to controversial issues.

Lawmakers have dedicated a separate law to mediation. According to this law, mediation is a confidential and structured process in which the parties involved, with the help of one or more mediators, voluntarily and responsibly strive for an amicable settlement of their conflict.

How is this accomplished? The key element is finding out the real motivations of the participants, which underlie the often contradictory positions. This clears the way for solutions that ultimately benefit both parties.

Any agreement reached is documented in a contract. As a mediator, I am required by law to ensure that you make this agreement with full knowledge of the facts and understanding of its content. It is also important to me that you have the contract checked by external consultants such as your lawyer.

If you wish, I can also conduct mediation online.

Advantages of a mediation over a court proceeding
Meditation uncovers the actual causes of the conflict. In court, the conflict is reduced to legal positions.

The mediator supports and encourages those involved to work out a solution. In court, a judge decides.

Solutions that are worked out and decided upon independently by those involved are usually more sustainable than judicial decisions. Winning litigation often does not settle the actual conflict and can leave participants and relationships permanently damaged.

In mediation, acceptance of one's own weaknesses and understanding the other party often creates the turning point in the conflict. In Court people hide their own weaknesses and capitalise on other people’s weakness to win.

In mediation, we shape the future. In court, we only judge the past.

Mediation saves – time, money and energy. Legal proceedings cost – time, money, and frustration.

The mediation process is confidential, while court proceedings are usually public.

A timely-initiated mediation ...
… promotes family peace.
… leads to a noticeable emotional relief for all those directly and indirectly involved.
… helps to create a constructive cooperation, e.g. within the company.
… protects against a long period of unproductivity or even loss of assets.

In addition,

… mediation is voluntary and can be terminated at any time.
… the decision to go to mediation does not rule out the choice to go to court later.
My offer for lawyers, consultants or auditors
Is finding a solution with your clients faltering? My experience has shown that people can quickly resolve issues as soon as their relationship issues have been resolved

My offer
I also offer cooperative support for the benefit of your clients – and thereby also benefitting you: As a mediator, I accompany your clients as they clarify emotional and relationship issues or any other issues from my areas of expertise. This clears the way for finding a good solution on a factual level. I will honour your mandate.
An example of successful mediation
A daughter and son inherit half a house each from their mother. The daughter has been living with the mother and has taken care of her, and for that reason, has put her own career on hold. The successful son has rarely been in contact with his mother and sister. The daughter would prefer to reside in the house but cannot buy out her brother. A partial public auction is imminent – initiated by the brother – which would lead to a revenue significantly below the current market value.

Sister and brother agree on a mediation. The sister learns that her brother’s breaking off contact relates to a year-old humiliation caused by the parents. Her listening and growing understanding bring the brother to the realisation that he should see his half of the house no longer as compensation for this subjectively sustained injustice. The brother begins to recognise and appreciate the sister’s dedication to the mother and her putting her own career on hold. They agree that the sister will receive the house. One of the two apartments in the house is rented out. The brother’s share of the inheritance – reduced by a care compensation for the sister – will be paid off via a long term, backed loan by the sister via the rental income.

The path

With the support of the mediator, the parties sat down and disclosed their interests and motives, which had been hidden behind their original positions and claims: from confrontation to cooperation.


A resolution was found without any losers, emotional topics were clarified, revenue losses were avoided, and the house was kept.

My fee
Working together requires trust. In the free initial consultation, we get a first impression of each other and can decide on future cooperation. After that, I work on an individually agreed upon hourly basis, reported by time and activity logs.
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