Mediation in company succession

Would you like to hand over your company within or outside of the family?

For a company transfer within a family, both family members have facts and especially emotional challenges that need to be overcome in the succession process.

Such a delicate process needs to be well planned and supported.

It's essential to pay particular attention to the mixture of roles, conflicting interests and contradictions that result from the amalgamation of family and business.

My offer
I gladly support you in balancing the different forces at work to make the succession process a successful event for everyone involved. A mediation process forms an excellent framework for this outcome. In addition, or as an alternative, I can take on the role of coordinator for your succession process.
Your benefits
Not only do I have the necessary mediation skills for such a task, but I also have a wealth of experience in the economic, fiscal, and legal issues involved. Thanks to many years of interdisciplinary cooperation, I understand the language of lawyers, tax consultants and other service providers involved in the process.
Typical situations
The pending decision as to whether to hand over the property and/or management to one or more persons

And deciding whether to hand it over within or outside of the family

Coordination of interests and expectations between the transferor and the transferee

Balancing different ideas of fairness

Drafting of a family charter before/after company handover

Coordination of succession in the company with private estate planning

Creation of an emergency binder or emergency plan

Sudden deficiency or death of the family entrepreneur

The entrepreneur's withdrawal – a farewell to one's life's work

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